About Sinhala Proverbs

Rural folk in Srilanka in the past got-together in groups discussing various topics after foiling in fields during day time. They discussed ancient folk tales, Jathaka stories, their experiences, etc. At the general discussions that took place, there were good story tellers who garnished their tales with various sayings suitable for the occasion. In the process they added a new feature to the Sinhala usage/dialect based on their personal experiences and various incidents that they have experienced in life. These subsequently came in to as PROVERBS. 

These proverbs were carried by word of mouth from generation to generation. From time in immemorial own ancestors related excellent tales based on these proverbs. These tales and stories were not confined  to the higher strata of society but also uneducated peasants and others of the lower strata  of the society. Subsequently the experience behind the tales were forgotten and it is observed that only the proverbs remained.

It should not be forgotten that this happened not only in Sri Lanka but also in the other countries of the world. We observe this phinomina took place not only in the Asian region but also in the west and in other countries. To quote examples , we can mention Aesop's fables, saying oh Jacobe and wonderful tales in the PANCHATHANTRA of India. We may also mention Arabian Nights.

Although the usage of proverbs not common in the society. However when you meet an elderly person and even in a short conversation with him he will relate many of proverbs.  At present we observe that there is a dearth of knowlagable elders to ralate such tales. Even a small child in the past could learn the proverbs from their grand parents, but at present they have lost that opportunity since their parents have migrated to the urban areas with their offsprings.  Another reason for this state of affairs is that most of the present grand - parents are unware of the old proverbs and tales. Another reason is that the present day children have got addicted to the Television . One should be well versed in this subject to analyze the the background of these proverbs and to explain the lessons one can draw from them. I have included in this website a number of Sinhala proverbs together with the background story  which resulted in the birth of these proverbs.

I have been encouraged to create this website to give an opportunity to the present generation of children to familiarize themselves with these beautiful tales which are moving away from us. Today the internet is the most populer medium to exchange information. This prompted me to pave a way by my website to enable the Sri Lankan child to learn. I had to serch for the famous proverbs ans also the background that led to the birth of the proverbs. It has to be recorded with a tone of an elderly person . I have been an announcer and a dubbing artiste for over (30) thirty years . I also can imitate different voices. With this experience I performed as a story - teller. I have to record them and reach the listener/viewer via internet. I thought of presenting these for the benefit future generation at my own expense.

I did a research of the mellifluous links between the Sinhalese proverbs and that of the various other countries.  For example, Sinhala proverb අලුත් ඉලපතෙන් හොඳට පිහ දැමෙනවලු.. also as  " A new broom sweeps clean " in English and another Sinhala proverb   කොකා දිය හිෙඳනකල් බලා උන්නලු  can see in Latin as " Rusticus expectat dum defluat amnis " .
Viewers of the Internet will have a novel experience as no web site has come out with Sinhala proverbs programme also with audio tracks of this nature so far. This is the first experience of this nature. I am proud to state that I have related these stories (audio tracks) through a number of various websites. 

To include the voice tracks in the internet has to be done through a separate Server, and it is costly. This was a sole effort of mine without any out side financial assistance. I assembled all the voice tracks and deposited them in You Tube . My creation is the sole collection of Sinhala proverbs in the You Tube. 

My main aim is to educate the present and future generations who have lost the wonders of the old tales and to preserve them through the internet. It is my prime duty to include all these proverbs/tales in the internet during my life time.    

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